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Creative Photography with a seasoning of Mindfulness.

Why do we write?

The reasons. Motivation If you can be honest and achieve clarity, you are sure to arrive at one of two conclusions; You write for the money. You write for the love. Writing for money is great If you write for the money, that’s great, as long as you are actually earning something for your words. …

2 things i learned about being a writer at age 61.

What irks me Whether listening to Audible or reading in Kindle, when the subject is one of these 3 topics; Writing, Mindfulness, productivity I have a problem every time.It doesn’t matter whether it’s Stephen King On Writing, James Clear on Atomic habits, Andy Puddicombe on Mindfulness or any other book / Blog. At some point …

The art of writing

I’ve posted a new article over at Medium if you happen to be interested in the art of writing.