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Creative Photography with a seasoning of Mindfulness.

Using Manual mode.

Why you should never use Manual mode? Huh? Is this about using or not using? Every time you go out to capture images – whether you take a DSLR, a point and shoot camera or your smartphone – you carry with you an extremely complicated computer. It allows you to be creative – when you …

Using Aperture priority – Part II

Creative digital photography In the first part of Using aperture priority, you saw that the depth of field is controlled – in part – by the aperture setting in AV mode. Focal length Another factor that influences the depth of field is the focal length.Put simply, the focal length is your zoom. It is the …

Using AV Mode

Here are some more examples of when to use AV mode.

Using Aperture priority – Part I

Creative digital photography Can you be creative with your smartphone camera or using automatic mode with any other camera? Of course you can! 👏Up to a certain point. There is composition, capturing just the right light and rearranging whatever it is you want to capture. But you are always giving the camera software the control …