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Creative Photography with a seasoning of Mindfulness.

Why do we write?

The reasons. Motivation If you can be honest and achieve clarity, you are sure to arrive at one of two conclusions; You write for the money. You write for the love. Writing for money is great If you write for the money, that’s great, as long as you are actually earning something for your words. …

Zoom in & focus.

and zoom out only as needed. What is Zoom in – focus? In photography Imagine yourself standing in a park. Before you is a flower bed with beautiful roses. You have setup your camera on a tripod with a telephoto lens. You notice that bees come and go to one of the roses, so you …

The art of writing

I’ve posted a new article over at Medium if you happen to be interested in the art of writing.

Is everything we do only a means to an end? Present moment awareness.

How to gain peace by practicing a simple shift in perception. Have you ever thought about where you are right now? Getting out of bed, you stumble to the bathroom so you can… get to the coffee machine in the kitchen so you can… wait for the first cup so you can… this morning is …