The art of Writing

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The art of Writing

What is writing?

Writing, like painting, music and creating music is an art form.
Putting symbols together to make words then connecting words to make sentences.
Using sentences to build paragraphs and using paragraphs to tell a story is part one of the art.

Ernest Hemingway is claimed to have said;

“The first draft of anything is shit”
to Arnold Samuelson.

I tend to agree because, for me the first draft is the easiest part of the creative process.
The hard part is the revision.

When you learn something on your own such as making music or writing, you will see that it takes practice.
No matter what advice you read along the lines of “5 tips to becoming a writer…” You must only remember one – extremely simple – thing.

  • If you are writing, you are a writer,
  • If you are a writer, you must write.

The trap of being an aspiring writer

  • I want to be a writer.
  • I want to become a writer.
  • I am an aspiring writer.

Any statement that says anything along these lines is a false statement.
If you are writing words, you are a writer. If you are reading a book, you are a reader.

Don’t ever believe you are becoming a writer.

An Aspiring writer does strange things.
He reads about writing, he talks about it, he takes online courses, he may even build a vision board and buy himself a poster.

But let’s look at our aspiring writer closer.

  • He is writing, a journal or whatever, so he is a writer already.
  • He is not writing, instead he’s talking, reading and searching on how to become a writer.

There is nothing wrong with being a writer who reads books about writing, as long as you never stop writing.

It’s very easy to allow yourself to compare.
I’m a bad writer and he or she is a great writer.

“Many writers are paralyzed by the thought that they are competing with everybody else who is trying to write and presumably doing it better… Forget the competition and go at your own pace. Your only contest is with yourself.”

William Zinsser, “On Writing Well”

Thanks to Thomas Mallick @ Medium

Forget about it. You are a writer; he is a writer.

Becoming more talented at creating art

Whatever art you look at, it’s basically the same premise; In order to get better you must continue doing it.

The more you write, the better your writing will be.

Taking a course is fine if you want to learn how others write, as long as you don’t stop being a writer to do so.
Don’t think you can get better without writing, because it is the only way to refine your art.

Create your work of art

Notice that I use the term work and art above?
Writing is a creative art, and it is also work, it means sitting down and pushing keys.
It remains your job to connect the symbols to words, and on it goes to telling the story.


What should I write?

Develop a stash of ideas. Mine is in EverNote.
Whenever you hear a bit of conversation and an idea comes of something to write about, put a note in your stash.
Whenever you see or read something and think there’s a topic to write about, in your stash.

A journal is perfect for learning how to string words together.
Write on a daily basis, however many words you choose to on a given day.

When you are done with today, go back and practice revision on what you just wrote.
See if you can find better words to say the same thing.

It matters not what you write in your journal, because you are crafting words with the door closed, for your eyes only.

  • So, to be a writer you write.
  • To be a better writer you write more.

One thing is as hard as granite; you are a writer as long as you write.

Enjoy the work of creating Art.

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