The most important thing is Focus!

Creative Photography with a seasoning of Mindfulness.

The most important thing is Focus!

Getting sharper images.

Camera movement

If there’s an image to mark for deletion it’s an out of focus picture.

Something in the image must be sharp.

As you read in this article dealing with TV – shutter speed mode – one reason for using TV is to stop camera movement.

Everyone has their own shutter speed limit for hand-held photography, my own is usually 1/125 second.

What can you do when you have to use a slower shutter speed?

1. The right posture.

One foot in front, standing with your feet glued to the earth, knees slightly bent. The elbows are close to the body, pressing in.

2. Breathing.

Breathe in, out, in, hold and gently depress the shutter release.

3. Lean on me. (thanks to Bill Withers)

Lean your shoulder – or arms – against a tree, wall or any stationary object.

4. Setup your tripod.

Yes, this is sometimes necessary although I try to avoid it.
My tripod is usually with me but I try to stay hand-held as long as possible.
(Scott Kelby would beat me with a wet fish if he knew)

5. Use a remote shutter release (don’t throw money away), or for Canon use your smartphone (only did it once because…) I Use the timer!

You know the timer already. It’s what we used when we wanted to run around to the group and be in the picture. Well guess what, you can use it to avoid pushing the shutter release with your shaky old fingers. ! Oh, I must apologize there, was talking to myself.
Anytime you’ve mounted your camera an your tripod, you can set the timer to 2 seconds and get better shots.

6. Change your AF – auto-focus – setting to one point instead of nine.

Using all focus points is usually great for walking through a city or for Landscape photography but if you want a particular point of focus, switch to the middle point.

7. Use Rapid fire instead of one shot.

Normally, you take one picture at a time and using a tripod, this is fine. However, if you must do hand-held and can’t get the sharpness you need, switch to multi shot.

As long as you hold the shutter release down, the camera will make a series of 5 – 7 images. If your finger causes the camera movement or breathing, chances are one of those images will be sharp.

You should note that all the tips above should still be applied.

Carpe Diem

If you don’t have animals before you, stop and think for a few moments about this moment and what you can – want to, need to – do to get the image in focus. Walk around the subject, look at it from different angles, noticing how the light and shadows change. As in life itself, creative digital photography is all about a change in your perspective, your special point of view. Every single image you create is a work of art, one of a kind!

Go on, get out in the fresh air with the goal of trying out six of the seven points above. (no need to buy a tripod if you don’t already own one)

Postscript; every-time you are challenged to get out of the house it’s because…

  • You can read every book that has ever been written.
  • You can read every blog ever written.
  • You can spend as much time at home as you want.
    (an exception of course is someone who cannot get outside and must practice at home)

You will not learn! You must experience. You must practice. You must buy me a box of French wine.

As with anything else in life,
Knowledge -> (leads to) practice = doing = experiencing -> becoming -> being.

Tell us what you are becoming!


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