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The Writings of Darrell Young

Book Review
Beyond Point & Shoot by Darrell Young

Around the turn of the century – no not 1900! – i picked up my first digital camera. It was a small, Casio point and shoot camera.
I was pretty much fascinated by the idea of not having to pay for each picture. Used to be, i bought film, took pictures and then paid to have them developed.
Most of these paper pictures were lost over the years because i moved around quite a bit. Now, i didn’t have to pay for film or developing and all pictures could be saved for all infinity on PC, DVD and later external hard-disks.

Enter Kindle

Shortly thereafter, Kindle entered my life and once again i was fascinated with the concept of carrying an entire Library with me in a small lightweight format. Brave new digital world! George Orwell says Hello!

Some of the e books i bought dealt with photography. Until that time i considered creative photography simply making pictures while doing a handstand or to photograph someone holding their hand out while another stood far back, creating the effect of the background person standing on the hand of the person in the foreground.

What most every e book on photography described as creative photography, was capturing images in one of the creative modes; manual, AV or TV.

And one of the e books that caused me to get a new camera where i could learn these things was Beyond point and shoot by Darrell Young.

What’s the reason for me pointing you to this book?

Darrell Young basically does what this Blog is attempting to do.
Darrell starts from the assumption that you know nothing at all about how a digital camera works and what you can create with it. He explains the things we speak of here such as aperture, shutter and ISO by showing you what it is first and then showing you how to use it effectively.

Darrell’s writing is clear and complete. He leads to an understanding of both the technical and creative concepts of creative digital photography.

Metaphor Aperture and Shutter speed.

One of the things i liked most was his metaphor for the interaction of aperture and shutter speed. He compares it to your eye.
The aperture is just like the pupil of your eye; when you are in a darker room it enlarges in order to allow more light to come in.
If you turn on a bright light, it becomes smaller to adjust. Just like the aperture of your lens.

The shutter (speed) is just like your eyelids. Look at a busy street. Now close your eyes; open and close them once as fast as you can. You will only see a freeze frame of the action passing by.
Open them longer before closing them again and you will catch more of the movement in the scene before you.
This is exactly how shutter speed – TV mode – works for you to create the image you want.

So, if you choose, go ahead and buy the book; you have my permission.
If not, visit Darrell’s Website at

We learn in the shadow of others.

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