Two tips for easier living

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Two tips for easier living

Two tips for you today to make creative photography a bit easier

Lens change made easier

Here’s a tip I picked up from Tom Striewisch, a German photographer and Author.
If you’re just starting out with your camera you might find yourself wishing you had 3 or 4 hands to change the lens.

Unfortunately we only have 2 and need to adjust to the routine task of changing a lens.

Go to your local photography shop and pick up a couple of extra lens covers. (the cover at the back of your lens)
Now glue them together as shown in this image.

two lens covers after superglue

Fasten it to your free lens like this.

Double cover with zoom lens.

So when it’s time to switch lenses, remove the old lens and fasten it to the cover…

two lenses safely protected.

Remove and install the new lens…

Kit lens left after zoom is put on camera.


You’ll need 2 of these set up if you have three lenses – 3 if you buy a fourth lens.


Here’s something I’ve been using a couple of decades now.

The neoprene wrist-strap from JJC.

I tried using the normal hang it around your neck strap that comes with your camera but could never really get friendly with it.
I even tried putting a loop in it and carrying it on my arm, similar in function to this wrist strap. Wasn’t for me either.

Wrist strap. Security and comfort.

One day in a camera shop, I saw something like this model from JJC,
I picked it up and was hooked.

It’s automatic for me; when I reach in my bag, I put my hand through the strap and grasp my camera to take it out.
The strap stays on my wrist until I put the camera safely back in the bag.

Function of the strap.

I’ve even been known to let the camera dangle around will rolling a smoke or even when changing a lens.

Tips and tricks?

Do you have tips or tricks for us?

Feel free to let us know in the comments!


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