Don’t touch that dial.

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Don’t touch that dial.

Do not break your lens. 😮

Zoom lens
75 – 300mm zoom lens

After seeing more than one person do this, I think it’s time for a quick tip.

You see that focus ring on the right and the AF – Auto focus / MF – manual focus switch on the left?

Do yourself a favor and never turn the focus ring when the switch is set to AF, even if the lens is not on your camera.
Worst case scenario, you will break your lens.

Also, when capturing images, make sure not to block the focus ring with your fingers.
If you lightly try to turn it, you will notice a resistance. After moving the switch to MF there is no resistance.

95% of the time, AF mode will serve you well. In the beginning of your creative journey 99% is more accurate.

So when do you need to switch to MF – manual focus?

If you are zooming in real tight on a flower or insect and there isn’t much light to work with – low light – you may need to switch to MF and adjust the focus by turning the focus ring.
When you begin learning close up “still life” photography at home, you may find that MF mode works better for you at times.

So trust the AF as long as it works and don’t touch that dial – at least not before switching to MF. 👍


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